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Get a Paypal Verified Account

Get Paypal and Get Verified Paypal Account

Things that you should know and must have before creating a PayPal account:

ü      Valid email address your own

ü      Know your bank, the  card  you owned, if it's fit to use for PayPal verification and transaction,  by calling your bank hotline, most card hotlines found at the back upper part, in case their bank card– kinds:  Visa,  Mastercard, Discover, or American Express or credit card, ask them about the card you have if its fit for PayPal verification?  Charges if they charged for it?

ü      Based on my experience from Philippines worth P150 Philippine Pesos must be the minimum amount in my debit card to be able to process the verification. 

ü  Important note: My information on PayPal and bank details matches, Paypal automatically return the fee deducted to me during the process of verification, usually it's within 24hours. Example if they deduct P150, PayPal gives it back to me within 24 hours.

ü      Incase your card is good for verification and PayPal transaction, ask them as well where to find the four digit code after confirming/ verifying  the card with paypal online, sometimes you need to call their hotline to be able to get the 4-digit code generated by Paypal for you, but being sent to your bank, it depends.

ü      Know the Paypal code for Banks in your Country example in the Philippines
          e.g. 9-digit Paypal Codes for Philippine Banks

example :   

Bank Name                                                            Bank Code

BANCO DE ORO (BDO)                                                              010530667

See also  Paypal Bank Codes for the Philippines if your country is the Philippines

Sample page after clicking on Sign up Page:

Click on Personal Account if it's for Personal Use, if for business online Click on Business Account


After you click on Sign up... This is the page you'll see... 
Filled up the necessary fields, your information, be sure it’s valid. Complete name First Name, Middle Initial or Middle Name, Last Name, Complete Address based on your Identification Cards, contact details, and others. As you go and click Next” it is important to fill it up with true information because you are the one’s will benefit it for verification later.

In case you already have a PayPal account:

Simple Sign in at the:

then the summary dash board will be seen :

Click on the Summary this screen will be seen…

Look for the Add a bank account or Card , then Click on it

The page will be seen

Click on " Link a Card

After you click on it this page will be seen:

Please fill in the necessary details accordingly:  
Card Type has a drop down Please click on it:

You can choose if its Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express

Example: You choose Visa Card

Filed up the card number found at the top front of your Visa Card if its Visa

Filled up the Expiration Date of the Card of the Validity of the Card  ( MM/YY)

Fill up the CSC 3 Digit Code Found at the Back of  your card

The next tab is the complete address will prompt on the dropdown,  based on your personal information filled up at

Bank Paypal Codes for Philippines :

After everything has been filled up a sample page like this will prompt:

Please counter check all the details before you click on  Continue:  The Complete name and Complete Address on  Paypal, should match the details of your bank or card information.   After you click on Continue:  the sample page below will be seen

The Paypal Code Maybe Found on your email address registered for or call your particular bank at their customer service hotline to locate the 4 Digits Sent by

Hope you learn the step by step on my page... 

Video to Watch:

Happy Viewing, I hope you've learned something from my video

Cheers for Online Earning  !!!

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