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How to Create Facebook Developer App Account

How to create Facebook Developer Account/ How to Create Facebook App Account
  1. Just to make sure you have a Facebook account already if none please create one.
  1. Search on Google: Type: Facebook Developer Sign up
  1. Follow the Steps on the Lists as shown on the picture, Click Each one…
  1. Login to Facebook, if already login proceed to the next step
  2. Developer Account- Click on it,
This is the page you’ll see:
Read first: Facebook Flatform Policy, What you need to know…
Then Proceed…
After you click on the fields with red lines at the side,
Here is the page you’ll see
  1. Supply the needed information on the fields see the picture below
  1. After supplying the needed information, Click Create App ID
Here is the next page
  1. After you click on Submit here is the page:
Settings Tab
Alert Tab – Contains your inbox, outbox
Roles Tab
App Review Tab
Add Product Tab
7 . On settings Tab
  1. Click on Save Changes at the right bottom part
  2. Click on Quick Start
9 . Then this Page will be seen
  1. Click on App Configuration
  1. Click on Facebook SDK for JavaScript Setup, 
this is the page ...
  1. Click on Quick Start, this is the page that prompts

Click Next...
  1. Then Click Next
16 . After you click on next, Then Click again Next
This would be the result

This is the final product... and it is already created the Facebook Developer Account

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