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How to Install Disqus on Website

How to Install Disqus on your Website

A. Go to Login Page

B.  Here is what you will see after you login 

 C.  Click on the said button and choose settings

D.  After clicking on it, Here is the page you’ll see ,

E.  Then Click on Moderation Tab 

F. After Clicking on Moderation Tab…

G.  After you click on Go Here as shown on the picture above

Here is the next page you will see

H.  Scroll Down,  until you reach the bottom part  

I.  After you click on Get Started, Here is the page you will see  

J.  Choose :  the second one :

I want to install Disqus on my site
k.  Here is the page you’ll see

Fill in the necessary fields 

L.  Then click button : Create Site 
M.  After you click on Create Site

Here is the page

As you scroll down you will see different plans that suit your needs :
Choose the best for your needs and click on it.

They have the following plans:

ü      Basic – Ads Supported

ü      Plus Free - Under 50,000 total daily pageviews
For small, personal, non-commercial sites who do not run any ads.
Ads Optional – Either you turn on or off Disqus Ads

ü      $10 Per Month
ü      Pro Plan ($99 per month)
   ü      Business – Custom Pricing 

N.  After choosing your preferred plan you will see this page

O.  Select the platform you wish to install Disqus

P.  After you click on the platform which your site is on

Here is the next page  you will see
Q.  At the right bottom you will see configure as shown on the picture

R.    Fill in the necessary fields as much as possible

S.   Then Click on “ Complete Setup as shown on the picture

T.   The Final Page to see: Setup Complete

U.  Browse the knowledge-base of your website builder on how to check it on your site, to be able to set it properly… Normally it is seen on the settings of your website builder, then comments tab…

V.   Hope you learn something from it…

W.  Finish product on my site:

I hope you learn something from this tutorial.

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