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How to Sign up & Get Verified for Free and its Features

How to Sign up for Free account

You need an account in the Philippines that you can be paid thru bitcoins. is the way to pay and get paid
Got to google search tab the type or
Type this :

Click on Create an Account

Sign up for free account

Fill in the needed information on the fields with red marks…

Then Click on Create Account

After you click on Create Account, the next page is seen below…

Then after you clicked on Verify”

This is the page you’ll see…

If you want to be verified…
Follow the instructions, needed scan identification card to get verified

Advantage of verified account. Get higher limits and secured account

To Check and Edit settings…
Inside settings page: If you want to make changes on the following fields…
*If you want to set your email here
Click on Edit
*If you want to edit your phone number or mobile number, Click edit and input the new phone number

If you would like to earn few bucks.. Referring friends is open here.

If you would like to know the limits and verification of your account…

Click on the upper right corner… “Limits and Verification” Tab

Other Services that you need:
If you need to cash in, Cash out, and check it

If you need to buy load
If you need to pay bills
If you need to

Cash in Page

Here is the Cash Out Page

If you need to Buy Load …  Here is the Buy Load Page

If you need to Pay Bills

Here is the PayBills Page

Scroll Down

After you fill in the needed information on the blanks, Click PayBill

If you want to shop here is the Page


If you need online assistance, here is the tab to click

Other Tabs… Here is the
Help Center Tab

That’s all for the

Sign up now for free click here and get your free 50PHP now…  Coins.Ph

Free to sign up now, anywhere in the world, you can easily load up at any 7/11 stores. Ask for the store assistant to load easily and fast .

I hope you learn from this tutorial. 

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