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How to Sign Up for Paxum Account

How to Sign up for Paxum Free Account

How to sign up for Paxum Account for Free

Before you click on sign up tab… click on Personal Account as shown on the picture to read first before signing up… You must know their simple rules.

After reading the Paxum Personal Overview…

Click on sign up tab

Scroll Down :

After you click on submit

Please check on the email address you’ve signed up …

A Confirmation Email will be sent to you.


*For your convenience, please click on the confirmation url then it’s  this is the page you’ll see…

Click to check mark the I accept on Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and I am the real beneficiary of the transactions, see below picture,

Then click Save

After you click on Save”

Here is the next page…

Scroll Down, fill in all the details ...

Fill up all the details… then

Please complete the details… and Click save …

Now that you have an email verified

Hope you learned something from it.

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